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Pearl Masters MMG924XSP/C187 Silver White Swirl Shell Set 5 pieces

Pearl Masters MMG924XSP/C187 Silver White Swirl Shell Set 5 pieces

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Pearl's Masters Series

Since 1999, Pearl's handcrafted Masterworks drum kits have given the professional drummer the tools to make the boldest statements with perfect performance. Masterworks has more shell composition options and authentic sonic signatures than any other custom drum builder - making each drum a truly unique work of art.

Maple-gumwood shells offer a warm and powerful sound

The historically proven tone of the maple-gumwood shell combination, which has produced perhaps the greatest drum tones ever, is known worldwide for its explosive midrange warmth and extended low-end power.

Why should you buy the Pearl Masters maple eraser kit?

The Masters Maple Gum is the perfect drum kit to show off your drumming skills. Whether you play drums in your garage, a studio or another live environment - the Pearl Masters Maple Gum kit delivers the best aesthetically and sonically for your performance.

High quality hardware

Rounded 60-degree bearing edges give these drums a rounder, more classic response and provide a more reliable and consistent tuning.

Pearl's signature molded hoops maximize the depth, projection and dryness of each shell. The resulting sound especially shines under close microphones. These Masters Maple/Gum shells also feature Pearl's beloved classic CL bridge clamps, which provide both a timeless look and the right amount of vibration control.


  • Includes a 22'' bass drum, 10'' and 12'' rack toms, and a 14'' and 16'' floor tom
  • 6-Ply Maple and gumwood shells deliver an incredibly versatile tone
  • 60-Degree bearing edges provide a well-rounded, timeless drum sound
  • MasterCast hoops improve the projection and dryness of the overall sound
  • Pearl CL bridge lugs help control vibration
  • Silver white swirl finish provides a stunning aesthetic
  • Gumwood interior increases volume and control
  • An incredible sound and an aesthetic that will leave you wanting more


  • Bass Drum size: 22''
  • Kit size: Rock Fusion Mate
  • Shell Material: Maple and gum wood
  • Bearing edges: 60 degrees
  • Hoops: MasterCast hoops
  • Lugs: Pearl's CL Bridge Lugs
  • Finish: Silver White Swirl
  • Product Code: MMG924XSP/C187

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