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Audient EVO Start Recording Bundle

Audient EVO Start Recording Bundle

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With the EVO Start Recording Bundle presents Evo by audience the optimal solution for home recording fans , streamers , gamers and podcasters and makes clean sound recordings possible thanks high-quality components . The bundle includes the popular ones EVO 4 audio interface , a SR1 large diaphragm condenser microphone , a SR2000 Closed studio headphones , a microphone spider and a XLR connection cable . In addition, Evo by Audient offers a generous software bundle that can be changed after purchase downloaded .

EVO 4 - 2 In/out USB audio interface

The EVO 4 is an intelligently designed 2 In/Out audio interface with DSP mixer and routing matrix. The device delivers professional sound quality with the easiest operation in a compact size and is perfectly suitable for mobile use thanks to the USB power supply. There are 2 warm and full-sounding Evo preamplifiers and a JFET Class-A instrument preamplifier built in. A new auto-gain function automatically finds the right level at the touch of a button, preventing overload and allowing optimal gain staging.

Another special feature of the Audient Evo 4 is that the phantom power for channels 1 and 2 can be switched on independently of each other if, for example, a condenser microphone for vocals is used simultaneously with a dynamic microphone for amplifier microphones. The loopback function makes it possible to record the sound of the computer simultaneously with an external sound source such as a voice microphone - perfect for Skype interviews or podcasters who want to record commentary on computer games, for example. The Evo 4 is the perfect solution for all computer recordings where sound and creativity come first!

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