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Darkglass Electronics Element

Darkglass Electronics Element

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• HQ headphone amplifier – drives 2 headphones

• IR box simulations

• Free Darkglass Suite – for loading additional IRs via USB or Bluetooth

• Bluetooth and 3.5mm Aux jacks – allows jamming with backing tracks

• Robust metal housing with unique operating surface

• Powered by 9-12 V DC PSU (center, 2.1 mm, ~250 mA power consumption)

Inspired by the touch sensor technology used in our Hyper Luminal·Compressor, this non-conventional pedal is completely minimalist with a plain surface and no buttons. Element uses three fully tactile sliding potentiometers, each with positioning LEDs. These not only make the Element visually appealing, it also makes it extremely intuitive to use.

Element offers a range of 5 cabinet simulations as standard and the option to add many more via the Darkglass Suite, via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth. In addition to a constantly growing database of Impulse Responses, the Darkglass Suite also has the ability to load any custom IR you have from a variety of sources. Moreover, as time goes by, there will be future upgrades that will further increase the functionality of the device.

Fully compatible with bass, electric guitars or any instrument, this headphone amplifier is the complete device for instrumentalists who want/need quiet practice at home or as the end of a pedalboard signal chain. You can even connect it to an amplifier output (with a separate load or speaker cabinet connected) and send the signal via the XLR DI output to the PA or recording systems.

Add to that the latest Bluetooth A2DP technology to listen to backing tracks from your smartphone or tablet while you play, rehearse or study, two headphone outputs to enable interaction with other players and the Element becomes one of the most useful tools you'll need. have music to help you.

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