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GR BASS GR 112H-800

GR BASS GR 112H-800

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GR Bass bass combos are designed to allow you to find the perfect sound for every occasion. These combos will surprise you with their quality and enormous power in a very light and compact package. All this is underlined by a modern, attractive design and a host of useful functions.

To adjust the sound you can use the four-band equalizer, which has six selectable frequencies for midrange correction, or, for example, the deep and clear filters, which add density or clarity to the sound. You can then use the "Pure" button to turn off the filters and equalizing to enjoy the true sound of your instrument, or use external pedals.

The combo is equipped with a 12" custom speaker with neodymium magnets, an adjustable 1" tweeter and bass reflex technology, which together provide a dense and beautifully clear sound.

There's also an auxiliary input so you can connect external audio sources such as smartphones or tablets, or a headphone output with its own volume control. On the back there is a DI panel made from the best components and which will not be lost in a professional studio or on stage.

Above the control panel are 24 LEDs that allow you to select one of six modes, such as VU meter or precision tuner (which is also active in "mute" mode). The switchable fan is also unique, allowing you to enjoy the sound undisturbed in the studio. You don't have to worry about the amplifier overheating, because modern software ensures safety.

With their enormous power in a compact package, these combos are ideal for practicing at home, but also on large stages, in the studio or in the rehearsal room.


  • Output power: 800W
  • Controls: Gain, Deep filter, low, Mid low, Mid high, High, Bright filter, Pure sound, Headphone master, Master, Mute
  • Speaker: 1x 12"
  • Limiter: No
  • Compressor: No
  • External speaker box output: Yes
  • DI output: Yes
  • Effects loop: Yes
  • Headphone output: Yes
  • MP3/line-in: Yes
  • Battery operated: No
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Integrated tuner: Yes
  • Tweeter: Yes
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Dimensions: 580 x 390 x 350 mm
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