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Joyo R-15 Preamp House

Joyo R-15 Preamp House

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The Joyo brand is known for its products with a good price-quality ratio. This also applies to the fourth generation of pedal effects with the R-series designation.

The R-15 Preamp House is a two-channel guitar preamp that offers nine emulations of well-known amplifiers (Fender 65 Twin, Marshall JCM 900, Vox AC 30, Mesa Boogie Lonestar, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, EVH 5150 III, Engl Powerball, Orange Thunderverb 200 and Friedman BE 100) and a speaker simulator 4x 12 cabinet in a compact pedal effect form. You can simply place the sound of your instrument in a pedalboard and leave the heavy and bulky amplifier at home or in the practice room.

In addition to the aforementioned cab simulation, this handy pedalboard preamp offers a balanced XLR output for direct connection of the pedal to a mixer or audio interface (option to turn cab simulation off/on), a standard 6.3 mm instrument jack for musicians who use the Preamp House for the machine, an effects loop for integrating other effects pedals, Micro USB for firmware updates and a headphone output with cab simulation.

All pedal electronics are housed in a durable metal chassis. The design of the box is enhanced by LED lighting. A 9V adapter is used for the power supply.
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