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KRK S12.4 active studio subwoofer (per piece)

KRK S12.4 active studio subwoofer (per piece)

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The KRK S12.4 is a powerful and precise subwoofer that pairs perfectly with your studio monitors for an enhanced listening experience. The S12.4 builds on KRK's legacy of sonic performance, delivering tight, accurate and extended bass response. The S12.4 is the ideal companion for accurately monitoring your bass when mixing and mastering a wide variety of music genres. A highly efficient Class-D power amplifier increases transient response, control and punch while working with a 12-inch woofer and 2.5-inch voice coil to give the engineer, artist and producer an extended frequency range from 23Hz - 130Hz with a maximum SPL rating of a massive 120dB.

The KRK S12.4 takes it one step further by improving on previous models by focusing on low-frequency extension up to 23Hz, improved porting for vastly improved low-frequency phase response and eliminating port noise and vibration, redesigned baffles for a lower height profile and less depth allowing easier placement and flexibility and much more.

Universally compatible with almost any audio source, the KRK S12.4 has a wealth of connection options. You no longer need adapters or special cabling, the onboard RCA, TRS and XLR inputs and outputs ensure that you can quickly and easily integrate the S12.4 into your existing monitoring setup.

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