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Presonus Revelator USB Microphone for Studio Recordings

Presonus Revelator USB Microphone for Studio Recordings

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A studio in a microphone.

Every musician knows that the secret to great sound is a great microphone, and in essence, Revelator™ delivers the professional performance you expect from a studio microphone. But we didn't stop there. Revelator's mixer features compression and EQ modeled after world-class analog processors. An independent reverb bus lets you add just the right amount of shine to your sound. Two stereo loopback channels make it easy to add backing tracks and more. If you're looking for the ultimate live streaming and home recording setup for singer-songwriters, look no further than Revelator.

Studio sound made easy.

Revelator is the first USB microphone to offer State Space-modeled analog processing onboard with the same Fat Channel port, compressor and EQ that our StudioLive Series III mixers offer. You can enjoy comprehensive studio-style processing whether you're recording in the studio or streaming live. And once you've chosen that perfect sound, you can save it as a preset so you can use it again and again at the touch of a button. An independent reverb bus makes it easy to add sparkle to your performance. Do you like what you hear? All processing can be printed onto your recording, or simply used for your monitor mix, you decide. .

A microphone for every occasion.

Professional studios have a locker full of different microphones, so audio engineers have the right tool for the job. Don't let the single-mic recording setup fool you: Revelator features three different recording patterns for maximum flexibility.

  • For solo recording gigs, use Cardioid mode to pick up the sound you want and cut out the sounds you don't want.
  • Recording with a friend? Switch to Figure 8 mode to use one side of the microphone for you and the other for your partner. This is ideal for duos where one sings and the other plays guitar.
  • Recording with some friends? Switch to omnidirectional mode to capture sound around the microphone, perfect for those campfire-style jam sessions.

Whatever you record, Revelator can adapt to your needs.

Add some backing tracks to your live stream.

Gigging musicians know that a digital mixer is a powerful way to add backing tracks to a performance. That's why we built one into Revelator! Open Universal Control and you'll find an easy-to-use loopback mixer that lets you quickly route backing track audio from your DAW of choice to your livestream. This is also a great practice tool; so you can listen to sketches, new songs and more with zero-latency listening through studio-quality compression and EQ that boost your confidence.

But go live anytime.

Revelator's presets are stored on the microphone, so you can take your sound with you and connect it directly to your iPad Pro, or grab your Camera Connection Kit and connect your Revelator to your Lightning or USB-C equipped iPhone or iPad . Only with Revelator can you bring studio-quality sound to Facebook Live, IGTV, or wherever you stream from your mobile device.

Professional design. Professional results.

When you're in front of the camera, you want your gear to look clean. Revelator's elegant, aesthetic and robust construction enhances the professionalism of any broadcast. Built-in monitoring and a built-in headphone amplifier let you listen to your performance in real time. Whether you're recording in Studio One or going live on Instagram, Revelator is here to make you sound and look professional.

Tools that grow with you.

Revelator comes with a complete suite of professional software to take your sound to the next level. Studio One® Artist makes it easy to enhance your recordings, with its lightning-fast drag-and-drop workflow, a complete suite of plug-ins, and the professional mixing and production tools that made Studio One so beloved. With Revelator and Studio One Artist, you have everything you need to achieve professional results, whether you're just starting out or working on your latest solo album.

You also get Ableton® Live Lite.

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