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Roland FP-E50 digital piano

Roland FP-E50 digital piano

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The FP-E50 offers a premium digital piano experience, and much more. Packed with top Roland technologies, this fun portable instrument provides a complete creative hub for learning, performing and writing music.

Develop and play with authentic piano techniques via the SuperNATURAL Piano engine and 88 weighted keys. Explore synthesizers, orchestral voices and more with the advanced ZEN-Core sound engine, supported by interactive accompaniments that put you in control of a full band. Plug in a microphone and sing with vocal effects and real-time harmonies. And go further with Bluetooth® audio/MIDI support, built-in recording, computer connectivity and plenty of expansion options on Roland Cloud

The attractive FP-E50 offers all the core features that make the award-winning FP digital piano series so popular worldwide. It travels in and out of the home with ease, while the built-in stereo speakers project immersive sound wherever you play. If necessary, connect it to external speakers for more sound coverage while performing. Or plug in headphones and keep the music all to yourself.

Although the FP-E50 is packed with advanced features, operating the instrument is frustration-free. The top display shows sound, tempo and other essential information, and the sleek panel layout provides instant access to sound selection, favorite tones, keyboard transposition and more. Many buttons provide additional functions with a longer press, allowing you to save settings or adjust deeper parameters without having to delve into menus. And with Scenes you can instantly call up complete setups for the entire keyboard with just a few actions.

Whether you're a new or experienced pianist, the FP-E50 provides a rich foundation for learning, practicing and performing. The Roland SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine delivers the authentic feel and interactive response of an acoustic grand piano, allowing you to create infinite tones with your playing dynamics. The 88 full-size keys complete the experience: with hammer action, escapement and Ivory Feel material that gives the same touch under your fingers as a world-class acoustic instrument.

The FP-E50 also features the expandable ZEN-Core sound engine, the same advanced sound generator used in professional Roland synthesizers such as the JUPITER-X and FANTOM. Discover historic Roland synth sounds, brass and orchestral voices, guitars and basses, world sounds, drums and many more. Using simple controls, you can layer piano and ZEN-Core tones completely freely or assign different sounds to the left and right hands

With its intelligent auto-accompaniment tools, the FP-E50 puts the sound of a full band under your direction. Choose from nearly 200 new built-in music styles, created by professional composers. Control arrangements with your left hand, from simple one-note triggering for beginners to full chord detection for advanced players. Interactive mode makes things even more fun, letting you control the volume and energy of the backing based on how you play. And the Chord Sequencer function lets you improvise and develop melodies over colorful preset chord progressions that automatically follow the accompaniment.

Sing along to keyboard performances via the FP-E50's microphone input and studio-quality vocal effects. Make the sound more lively with rich ambiance and amplify everything with the compressor and noise suppressor. Perform with impressive real-time harmonies that magically follow the chords you play. Or surprise the audience with voice transformer effects that change your gender or transform you into a funky robot. There's even a vocoder for creating vintage electronic voices and choir sounds that you control with notes on the keyboard.

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