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Roland TD-17KV2 E-Drum Set 2 Pieces new in box with Pearl P-930 Pedal

Roland TD-17KV2 E-Drum Set 2 Pieces new in box with Pearl P-930 Pedal

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Become a better drummer faster - The most affordable TD-17 Kit

The TD-17KV2 is the most affordable way to experience the acclaimed TD-17 V-Drums series. Built around the upgraded TD-17 module, this expressive drum kit feels at home within its compact size. Featuring a stand-mounted 10-inch hi-hat and toms, it is ideal for apartments and smaller homes where space is limited. And once you sit behind the kit, the TD-17KV2 lets your technique and expression shine through, supported with inspiring training tools to help you move forward.

An updated TD-17 sound engine, 12-inch mesh-head snare, and newly developed thin cymbals provide a high-end experience that is astonishingly close to playing acoustic drums. Meanwhile, a range of built-in coaching features track your technique, measure your progress and increase your motivation every day. With the TD-17KV2, the journey to making you a better drummer will happen faster than you can imagine.

Perform under pressure for years to come

Roland V-Drums are world famous for their rugged reliability. Every part is built to last and ready to perform in any scenario and at any performance. As your skills and ambitions grow, you can expand the TD-17 by adding an extra crash cymbal or a second snare, knowing you're using the same durable components favored by professional drummers.


Sound Module: TD-17 x 1; Snare: PDX-12 x 1; Tom: PDX-8 x 3; Hi Hat: CY-5 x 1; Hi-Hat Control Pedal: FD-9 x 1; Crash: CY-12C-T x 1; Ride: CY-14R-T x 1; Kick: KD-10 x 1; Drum Stand: MDS-Compact x 1

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