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Taylor 520 All Mahogany Natural + Boston Hard Case

Taylor 520 All Mahogany Natural + Boston Hard Case

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This beautiful 520 'Hog Top' delivers a huge dose of 'old school' combined with the innovations and quality that have made Taylor one of the bestselling guitar brands in the world. Mahogany award-winning guitars are a real joy to hear, and this is no different. Fat strummers who like to dig in will have their jaws on the floor by this all mahogany beast.

The 520 has a full size Dreadnought body , giving you all of the balance and versatility you would expect from this iconic body shape. Taylor dreadnoughts feature deep lows and bright highs that are balanced across the entire tonal spectrum. Whether you play rock, blues or folk this workhorse can deliver in spades.

A key factor behind the 520e's incredible sound is the forward-shifted bracing pattern with an embossed retreat . The 'x' in the Bracing pattern is closer to the soundhole, allowing more of the top of the guitar to vibrate, delivering maximum tonal quality and projection.

The perfect guitar neck

For the ultimate in playability and peace of mind, all Taylor's 500 series guitars feature unique NT neck design . The NT neck was designed to give players a straighter, more stable guitar neck, resistant to common problems such as changes in humidity. The neck sits in a custom fit pocket along with laser-cut spacers. There is a perfect neck angle for every Taylor guitar, and these precision spacers make it. Best of all, because there is no glue used in the NT neck design, maintenance and adjustments can be made by trained technicians in a matter of minutes.

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