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Way Huge Purple Platypus MKII

Way Huge Purple Platypus MKII

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Create and discover fascinating Octave/Overdrive tones and discover fascinating Octave/Overdrive tones

The original Purple Platypus combined the Way Huge Red Lama's overdrive with a frequency doubler to create its wide variety of stunning fuzzy octave tones. Unfortunately, just over 100 of these units were made. This time there are about 500 available.

The Purple Platypus MkII still offers the incredible sounds of the original, taking your performance from that eerie ring modulator style effect to the overly huge octave fuzz/overrive. The big difference between these two units is the additional hi-cut control, allowing you to shape the sound characteristics of the pedal to your own personal taste. You can even change the sound of the pedal using just your guitar. Switch to the bridge and pluck the strings directly above the pickup to create a mesmerizing sitar sound. Experiment and discover the symphonic possibilities of the Octidrive.

Sturdy construction for reliable operation

There's nothing worse than a pedal that stops working in the middle of your gig or gets damaged while traveling to a gig. The Purple Platypus' high-quality electronics and durable metal chassis eliminate these concerns. The pedal survives any punishment that gig life could throw at it, with its chassis protecting it from the elements, knocks, bumps, bumps and drops.


  • Pedal Type: Overdrive
  • Controls: Volume, Hi-Cut, Drive
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4'' Jacket
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4'' Jacket
  • Power Source: 9V DC power supply (not included)
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